Sunday, June 15, 2014

angry girl journal 06.15.2014

 photo scan_zpseac9f9bf.jpg

the only topless picture i have that my father approved of.

the man who never spared the rod when i did something wrong, taught me the value of discipline, education and hard work, called me weird names as a term of endearment, pushed me to be the best always, kept me on a curfew until the day he died and told me that smoking is bad for your health.

took a while, Dad, but i quit. the world is tough, but you made me tougher. i appreciate all the great things that happen to my life, even the not-so-good ones because you showed me that things of value, even respect, should be earned.

we didn't always agree and i probably wasn't the daughter you wish i was, the daughter i wanted to be for you, but i hope i came close.

thank you for guarding me, wherever you are.