Monday, May 19, 2014

this one counts

so somebody started this thing called 100 Days of Happiness which, while would've been good for my well-being, i didn't even try to start.  for starters, i tend to procrastinate.  second of all, i wouldn't last a day.  i mean, let's face it, i have good days and bad days and more often than not, before i can even start enjoying one good moment for about a few moments, it is immediately followed by something unhappy.  almost always and it is very disillusioning.  

 photo 200days_zpsf172a36a.jpg

what started out as something i said i would do to impress a guy turned out to be something that was actually good for me.  i can easily fall off the wagon but i somehow not, and i am grateful this is the one thing i can keep my focus on not doing.

i have good days, i have bad days and i have really worst days, but these are the days i make sure i count.