Sunday, April 27, 2014

they're not a boy band but they found a way to my heart

i've said this before and i'll say it again: Filipinos who hear fellow Filipinos mess up the english language tend to judge, they find it funny in a way that is more judging to the point of ridicule than it is amusing. but when Filipinos hear foreigners, whether they're Americans, Canadians or British, or even other Asians, speak in Filipino and they mess it up, we find it cute.

yes, life is unfair.  lol.

which explains why Juan Direction is a hit. and i say this not because i've always had this thing for British guys but because they're actually really amusing and they do go out of their way to embrace Filipino culture.

 photo Juan-Direction_zps56827af5.jpg
from left to right:  Michael, Charlie, Daniel, Brian and Henry

there's Brian, half-British, half-CaviteƱo, Mr. Nice Guy; Michael, half-Canadian, half-Boholano,  the boy-next-door; then there's Henry, half-PampangueƱo (although in the opening credits, he says, "half-Kapampangan" with aspirated p's), half-British, the smooth talker; Daniel who's half-Cebuano, half-Irish, the crush ng bayan who reminds me of S when he speaks; and Charlie, half-British, half-Filipino, the bad boy.

this group of five young half-Filipino men all met through the modelling industry. they got together a few years ago (God, i am married to my work and totally missed this) as Island Media Asia, which originally posted tutorial and documentary-style, and travel videos on YouTube. two other gentlemen make up the Island Media Asia group, making them seven: Matthew Edwards, Henry's brother, and Keys (very unique name, i wonder what it's short for) Cosido.  they started posting vlogumentaries (video blogging documentaries) of them selling fish balls, taho, balut, riding the MRT/LRT, driving a jeepney to Quiapo, shopping in Divisoria, going to the palengke (man, even hearing one of them say, "palengke" sounds like music) dancing the Tinikling and even showering with a water pump (your local barangay poso in public!). their show on TV5 started airing during the last quarter of 2013 but i didn't get into them until early this month. i chanced upon their show (while waiting for Beki Boxer - since i don't have cable anymore, and this is embarrassing since i don't really watch local shows, i don't even have time! - because Jerald Napoles is a kontrabida there, and the show really is funny, i have to say) and found it really amusing and very interesting. it would be cool to see them play syato, tumbang preso or patintero against seven little babaes. they've played 10/20 (teliber teliber - i've grown this old and i still don't know what they're really singing, except that, "i. love. you!") so that should work.  i especially like how they all speak tagalog. while some Filipinos go out of their way to be more American, more English, more Korean, they who grew up in the other side of the world decided that they prefer to learn more about their Filipino heritage and live amongst us locals.

having worked for/with Americans and Canadians for the most part of my professional life, i have taught my colleagues a tagalog word or two.  i've heard them try.  and they are cute when they do it.  which is another reason why this show is so appealing to me, and apparently, the rest of the Filipino population.  yes, we also like it when we get to humiliate other people who are more beautiful than ourselves the moment they speak the Filipino language.  that the guys go out of their way to discover the Filipino way and that they're not afraid to laugh at themselves while they do these things make them all the more endearing.

i hope they continue to promote what's great about this country, and that even if they do find about the bad things the hard way (which i seriously hope not because apart from being attractive, the guys are really nice people),  that they will somehow create an impact to most of us to try to want to make it an even better place.  the Philippines is a great country, despite its corruption, which is why these young men chose to stay here. they know how fortunate they are so they don't fail to remind us about the little things most people take for granted.   it makes me proud.

makes me wish i can get out on more trips too.  because as they say, it's more fun in the Philippines!