Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Love Story of (Wini)Fred and Wesley 2

Joss Whedon is a genius.

i'm saying that not only because he directed the Avengers.  that he opened up a world of vampires, demons and heroes, strong female characters that we have grown to love is one thing.  that he made them sing before our eyes (i remember how Lorne would read Angel's aura - Angelus really hated Barry Manilow), made us love and cry for the characters whether they are against the demons out to destroy humanity or fighting their own, we loved him.

so imagine how giddy i was when he brought my favorite love team back via Good Ol' Will's classic Much Ado About Nothing.

 photo much-ado-about-nothing_zps45f4a441.jpg

i saw the 1993 film adaptation starring Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, Robert Sean Leonard, Kate Beckingsale, and then husband and wife Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.  i thought it was funny and sweet.  while i was young, not very good at accents at the time, and almost couldn't get a word out, i understood the story and loved it.  this new version, i understood and loved even more.

 photo MAANmdashWhedonmdashTitleScreen_zps60bdae01.png

i have to admit i was really disappointed when Angel got cancelled, more importantly when Fred died just as she and Wesley were finally together.  i was devastated.  imagine being in love with someone for so long, chasing each other but never really getting there, and then when you finally do fall in love, someone dies.  remember One Day?  that's how i felt when they got separated in the small screen.  it makes you sad because you lose hope that something that wonderful will happen to you in real life.

what better story of two people chasing each other, but never really admitting their true feelings than that of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing?  who better to do it than Fred and Wesley?

 photo Much-Ado-About-Nothingjoss_zps6b0d6dad.jpg

this was an awesome movie.  of course, i love Shakespeare.  and of course, i love Whedon.  this could not have been a better combination.  it made me so happy that the Amy Acker-Alexis Denisof love team got resurrected here and that they finally get to stay together, without the world ending or any demons trying to take over either of their bodies and killing them.

there is hope.