Saturday, April 26, 2014

maybe it would be better if . . .

 photo NoisesOff-Cast_zps5d002e6b.jpg

i saw the play Noises Off with a friend and i was really looking forward to being cheered up.  this past work weeks have been extremely stressful for me that i thought seeing a supposedly funny play would get me out of my depression and frustration. IT DID NOT.  my friend/companion, in her naivete, was funnier.

it didn't pick up until the second act and it disappointed me because these are all great actors and i knew how they could do better, performing in that half-empty theater.  there are so many great actors and better original material that they could've given life to.  what with their really bad accents.  but hell, what do i know?  i just work in a call center.

through it all, it wasn't exactly a total waste.  i got to be with my friend, have dinner, catch up.  that's what's important.