Saturday, April 19, 2014

like a drum, like a drum

i've been talking and thinking about it for a while but now i have decided to actually do it.

note that while i am a Pacquiao fan which isn't obvious ( i guess every Filipino is automatically a Pacman fan) and i grew up watching the sport, i don't particularly like seeing other people get beat up.  so you wonder why i'm actually doing it.   i do have a lot of pent up emotion, particularly anger, which i need to address and more importantly, manage.  i could go back to studying Tae Kwon Do again, but i'm not sure if anybody still does that nowadays or if my body can even stretch that far anymore.

i box and i kick so that i do not hurt myself or other people when i'm angry.  it allows me to focus.  it also lets me think about something other than my work.

 photo speedballboxing_zpsd5ca277e.jpg

just like a song, i will learn, conquer and master your rhythm.