Monday, March 10, 2014

once more, again, with feelings: Rak of Aegis

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because once is not enough.

i have been waiting for Rak of Aegis for months, and the main reason i have been doing so, is this humongous crush i have on the guy playing Tolits, Jerald Napoles.  Jerald, whom i first saw in the hit PETA musical Caredivas, has made a huge fan out of me, with his humor, his voice, not to mention, those killer abs.  so when i saw the play in February, and it wasn't him, i had a "why wasn't it you, Jerald?" moment and this time, i wasn't after proportion.  i really wanted to see him again.  this story of loving from afar is so close to me that i had to, just had to, see his take on it.  again, i mean no disrespect for the other actor, Pepe Herrera, or Joan Bugcat, who played Aileen.  they are really great actors.  Pepe was really funny when i first saw the play, and that Jerald wasn't playing Tolits that time didn't take away how much i loved the show.  i really did love the show. that's why i saw it again.  and of course, so that i can do this:

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Jerald also happens to be a very friendly human being. very down-to-earth, very funny.  of course, one could argue, it's the same material. what could be the difference?  could i just not be smitten with the actor?  i have this to say:  i have done a number of inductions and some are hits, some are misses, just like the dresses i wear, but it's the same material.  it's all about style.  Jerald has the great misfortune of long hair, biceps and great abs, which make you wonder why having all that as Tolits, Aileen still preferred Kenny.  Jerald used all those qualities to channel the guy you didn't really notice but the one you really want to be with.  thank God, Aileen came to her senses and realized that not only can you resurface after the flood, but that you can also find love where you least look.

he had me at, "dear".  

i didn't think he would recognize me, this guy who was so busy he still found the time to respond to my high school crush-driven messages (unlike some people i know who are "too busy" and chances are, i'm not the only fan he has to reply to - the actor has better things to do, like rehearse his lines, flip his hair or flex his muscles while reading Bukowski) and laugh at my quips.  i had all these lines in my head about how i was going to approach him, but they were all predicated on the idea that he would be too preoccupied due to the number of people waiting to get a picture with him. people who know me know that i'm pretty big on Carpe Diem, making the most out of the situation, and my elbowing skills for photo ops when i really, really like the person i'm trying to get next to, not to mention the banter i try to squeeze in those few short minutes.   i didn't expect that he would see me, smile, give me a big hug and a peck on the cheek, like a long lost friend i did not see for a while.  and i wanted so much to say how amazing he was, and there i was . . .


i'm surprised we even have this picture.  i was so starstruck.

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of course, i couldn't have him all to myself so i had to let him go.  he said to continue messaging him. or at least, that's what i heard. my hands were too busy with the being cold and trembling that for a while  i didn't know what was going on.  such an amazing man.

i love this show more than when i first watched it.  what an awesome performance that truly rocked my night! this is definitely one of the best original Filipino musicals i have ever seen. i enjoyed the music and the humor as it depicts the resiliency of the Filipino spirit, but most importantly, i got to enjoy Jerald 😊