Sunday, March 09, 2014

Grimm: aswang American style

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people have been waiting for this episode for a while.  i know i have.

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we all know Sgt. Wu to be the sarcastic, but very reliable uniformed cop of the series Grimm but i don't think people realize that he is, in fact, a Filipino, just like the guy who plays him, Reggie Lee. so Drew's (yes! a first name, finally!) childhood friend Dana (Tess Paras) and her husband Sam (Alain Uy) recently moved to Portland from the Philippines.  Dana is assaulted and almost loses her unborn child.  Drew is reminded of old stories his grandmother told him about the aswang coming over to prey on pregnant women, and sometimes, even grown-ups but is unaware that the myth has actually come to Portland.  where there is a Grimm.

one of the great things about this episode is the fact that we get to be featured in a big US TV show like Grimm, even if it means getting featured for the really scary stuff. i did find it weird how the Filipino actors spoke in English, though.  very raw.  like, really?  i have been following Grimm for a while and i have seen old movies of aswang and tiktik but this episode still managed to creep me out.

the show also made me appreciate this hot guy:

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we don't really know if Sgt. Wu will ever be in on the whole Grimm gang but if the aswang can get to Portland, anything can happen.