Friday, March 21, 2014

angry girl journal 03.21.2014

if a guy (or girl) thinks he needs to tell me that he's taken when i ask him to hang out for lunch or dinner or a harmless cup of coffee, then he is the one with the malicious mind, not i.

it's just coffee, hello, not a marriage proposal.  somebody thinks awfully high of himself, no?  somebody needs to get over himself, yes?

we need our icons or demons to be as unreachable as possible, that way, if they're less than perfect, it won't entirely ruin us.

 photo 2014-03-230315131_zps29aede80.jpg

that you are indifferent keeps that mystery about you, and therefore, hold my interest.

but i guess i might have outgrown you.

supposedly, i'm not good enough for you because i do not fall within your standard of beauty.  then how come i'm the number one person on your speed dial when you drunk text about the meaning of life or how nobody understands you but me? Paki*-explain.

i rarely, hardly, if not never, ever use the "i'm-all-alone-in-this-world" card. but trust me, if and when i do, it's going to hurt you more than me.

conversely, if i get asked out, i won't overthink it for what it is.  if it's supposed to be a date, a romantic one, if there is a possibility of sex (yes, i said "sex"), the same should be express, not implied.  otherwise, it's just coffee.

*paki - please