Tuesday, March 18, 2014

a struggling artist you are not

i have lost respect for some people because i find them pretentious for claiming themselves to be "struggling musicians".  this applies to actors too.  i don't think you can wear that badge when you've never suffered your whole life.  you cannot write, cannot sing, cannot embody something you have never truly, fully experienced.  in a way, you can say you're brilliant, much like some people who say they learn from the mistakes of others, to have felt without actually being.   but there is no credibility in  your words, not having been poor, or ugly, or hungry. you don't look ugly or poor or hungry.   have you ever even had your heart broken?

one could argue that because of pedigree, of the name, that they had work twice as hard than everybody else, that they had to prove they were more than what the name had to offer.  is it really? is it really more difficult when you already have one foot in the door?

it's not your fault, nor is it mine.  neither is it the fault of a tone-deaf person, one who's never seen a play in his life then suddenly becomes a self-proclaimed art critic after seeing the Wicked run here in Manila.  i do not want judge a person's circumstances, but i won't allow them to deceive other people either.  you can only pretend for so long and then the pretentious trying-hard-to-suffer you will come out.

it's strange how they call poor people social climbers because they try hard to be someone they're not.  so what do we call you?