Saturday, February 08, 2014

the first one hundred days

a few months ago, i made this very bold statement that i would quit smoking.  so i did, after almost two decades of active smoking.

today i am celebrating my first one hundred days without cigarettes.

 photo 1st100days_zps1186674b.jpg

people ask me how or why i did it.  i have been talking about doing it for a while and i have been taking steps to lessen the number of cigarettes i smoke in a day so i might as well.  besides, i live alone.  it's one of those measures i have to take in order to fend for myself.  with smoking it's never too late to stop.

had i wanted to impress people, now that i think about it, i would've stopped when my former boss asked me to and just start smoking again now that i'm working for my new boss.  smoking was fun and cool for me, for a while and i'd like to think i benefitted from it professionally and personally.  i even kept saying i would only stop when i get pregnant or when my lungs started talking.  but then, why would i wait if i can stop now, right?

i could've just easily lit up a cigarette if i wanted to. and now i wonder why it took me so long to stop when i could.

every day is a battle but this is one of those things i'm proud to say i quit doing.  i could fall off the wagon, just like any addict would and i'm grateful that i haven't yet.  God has been watching over me and i couldn't have done it without Him. looking forward to the next one hundred.