Sunday, February 02, 2014

so much for saving money

so while i keep saying i'll practice what i preach, i just ended up buying new stuff again.  and i'm not proud of it.

to console myself, of course, here's the part where i justify the purchase:  i've been looking for an all-black pair of Chucks for a long time so when i saw it, i had to buy it.  now that i got it, i just want to look at it. i don't want to wear it anymore.  lol.

 photo 20140203_134940_zps70717f8d.jpg

i also got duped into buying this other pair, thinking it was on sale, although i thought it looked great so i ended up buying it anyway.

   photo 20140203_134719_zps4afce85f.jpg

besides, i look hot and sexy in them.  may take a while before i get something new again, though.   need to save for something.