Monday, February 24, 2014

old school selfies

you know how it is when you like the way your food was presented or when you bought something new or when you see a great view and you want to capture it on film? that's how i was when i was younger.  my parents would see something:  a view they liked or a structure they thought was really nice, put me on top of it, and take a picture. 

just like this.  

 photo scan1_zpsd5bc0820.jpg

yes, that was me. of course, i have no idea where this was taken or what wonderful structure i was placed on top of.  i had no say at all as to what they made me wear.  all i had to do was smile.  and that was it.

i actually want to recreate this shot.  if only i knew where this was or found clothes that look like the one i had here.  that would be so kulit.

who knew i'd grow up to be so awesome?  lol.