Sunday, February 16, 2014

no one mourns the Wicked

this post is dedicated to the nice wide lady in front of me and her mom, both of whom would not sit properly even when i asked them to, nicely, so that i can watch the play properly.  they even gave me judging mean looks on the way out and i wanted so much to say, "hey bitches, we paid the same amount for tickets.  if you were any better than me, you'd be seated downstairs, where it's closer."

 photo wickedticket_zpsdcc86c79.jpg

i really wanted to see the play at this date so i got this ticket because it seemed like the best position in that price range.  i could afford to pay more (like front seats more) but the seats available for that date didn't really look like good seats so i stayed with this choice.  and yes, i watched the play alone. 

 photo wickedbels_zps01fd2b33.jpg

did i cry? NO.  i wanted to.  i really did.  i think i expected too much, like when they did a local version of Spring Awakening here. i listened to the original soundtrack that featured Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff and of course, John Gallagher, Jr.* and i felt they didn't give it justice.  so when they did Rent, i tried to keep an open mind and not listen so i wouldn't be biased and i liked it.  this past week was just really intense and i was brought to tears just listening to Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth.  so much emotion.  i didn't feel it during the play.  i know i should because it brought the songs that made me cry in context. i mean, i'm alone.  if i died, who will cry?  i've always been misunderstood but is it my fault or my environment's? i like this boy but he'll never like me like he would the next girl because i'm not pretty enough.  i just happen to be really really smart and talented.  the songs should've meant more because of the story behind it, which were now unfolding before my eyes.  but they didn't have that impact on me vocally.  they were great, yes, but it's probably the old school perfectionist in me that got so used to the original.   sorry.

plus the wide rude lady in front of me wouldn't move.  

i love Wicked but this version, not so much.    if i had the time and the resources, i'd watch it again, just to see the difference.  in Broadway

*quick side note: if my boss were younger, sang, danced, acted and played guitar, he would be John Gallagher, Jr.)