Sunday, February 23, 2014

i liked it because i kept an open mind

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people who know me know that i do not listen to the Filipino 90s band Aegis.  seriously.  just hearing them on the radio gives me so much pain, like someone was ripping my throat out of my neck and i'm gasping for air.  you're not supposed to sing like that.  so if i watched a play inspired by the recent floods, with music from the Aegis, that play must really be good.

or maybe i just needed a good laugh.  life is so serious and it gets pretty tiring.  it won't hurt to step out and be shallow, even for just a little while.

yes, i can do that.  

i have been waiting for the play since late last year, when my friend Chris mentioned it while waiting for Ely Buendia to come out.  not to mention, i've been following (or stalking, if you want to call it) Jerald Napoles' Facebook page for updates on it.  i knew going in that while the music wasn't something i would normally listen to, that it was PETA and that i would have a great time.

i did.

the story is about promodizer, Aileen (Joan Bugcat), who lives in Villa Venezia, a community that has been devastated by flood for the last three months.  her dream is to get discovered by Ellen DeGeneres via youtube.  her parents, Mercy (Kakai Bautista) and Kiel (the one and only Robert Seña), both work in the shoe factory owned by Mary Jane (the one and only Isay Alvarez-Seña), the barangay captain, who also happens to be Kiel's ex-girlfriend.  Aileen is sort of dating Kenny (Poppert Bernadas), Mary Jane's son out of wedlock, who can never get his mother's approval for being an artist. Tolits (Pepe Herrera), the pedicab driver turned boatman (because of the floods), is her secret admirer. yes, very teleserye.  how we all work things out despite the calamity is the heart of Filipino, which is also the heart of this play.

there were so many funny moments that i couldn't stop laughing.  and to be fair, before seeing this musical,  apart from the vocal chord breaking karaoke favorites, i didn't know that Aegis had other songs.  PETA did a great job of making me appreciate the music.  i have a new found respect for the band even if it didn't convert me.  i remember M, my ex-girlfriend, wanted me to sing Halik at one of our university appearances. it is a good song and i know i can do it, provide it the justice it deserves.   but i am in the business of speaking so  i cannot be mute after one performance.

anyway, i digress.  this play is very reflective of how resilient the Filipino is, how we can find humor in the face of calamity, adversity and how we triumph.  not to mention, it features original Pilipino music.  you can't go wrong with that.