Sunday, January 26, 2014

guess this means i should go out more

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"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. 

That is the purpose of life.” 

i didn't really have any plans lined up for today.  but i wanted to make sure i saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  i saw the trailer and heard the music and thought that this was something i really wanted to spend my Saturday night doing.  yeah, i thought i would see the movie Mumbai Love but i just couldn't.  sometimes you think you want to inhale crystal meth, but you don't really do it, right?

the film is based on a short story written by James Thurber about an ordinary man who spends most of time daydreaming where he is more than ordinary.

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Ben Stiller stars and directs this 2013 film version of the short story and i found it really inspiring.  the music is awesome too.  Walter works as a negative assets manager for Life magazine,  Kristen Wiig stars as Cheryl, Walter's co-worker/crush and Sean Penn is Sean O'Connell, the photojournalist who works with Walter for most of his submissions. he sends Walter a package containing negatives of his latest work and a wallet as a gift of appreciation, with the Life magazine motto engraved on it.  here he tells Walter that negative 25 captures the "Quintessence" of Life and that it should be printed as the cover of the last print issue before it converts to online status.  since he couldn't find the negative, Walter sets out on a real adventure, flying to Greenland to find Sean, following clues from the other negatives. in his search for Sean, he realizes this whole adventure is actually happening as opposed to his daydreams. while in Iceland (yes, he traced Sean's steps and moved from one country to another in one day),  he gets a message that his co-workers are being laid off by the company and he is forced to cut his trip short.

upon coming back empty-handed, he gets fired after sixteen years of working for the magazine.  he is even more disheartened finding out that Cheryl seems to have reconciled with her ex. Walter returns home, thoroughly discouraged, and throws away the wallet Sean gave him when he visits his mother, the Shirley MacLaine and to his surprise, she mentions having met Sean.  feeling inspired, Walter continues to use the clues Sean left him and leaves for another adventure.  here he finally gets to use the travel journal his late father gave him.  he eventually finds Sean who tells him that negative 25 was actually in the wallet.  which he threw away.  which hurt Sean's feelings.

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"Beautiful things don't ask for attention"  

Sean O'Connell 

i really appreciated this movie.  i admittedly did not get to read the short story.   hell, i didn't even know it was, until my boss (the new one) told me it was something they had to read in school growing up.  not too many people know this about me, but as a kid, before i started writing, i spent most of my time creating imaginary friends.  of course, i didn't talk to them in front of anyone, as somebody else might steal them away from me and i'd have no one.  i'd drift away somewhere from time to time and nobody knew about it but me. my father would've hit me if i zoned out.  but i did do this a lot.  seriously.  so that part of Walter's character, i was able to relate to.  i also can't keep talking about traveling and dreaming about going some place.  at some point i have to go out, start moving and going places.  that's what the movie is about:  "stop dreaming, start living"

and of course, i thought that Ben Stiller was brilliant.  the way the music came through in this movie, really made me want to go out and do something.  i didn't know who Jose Gonzales was until this movie.  or that  the line, "Ground Control to Major Tom"  actually came from David Bowie's song, Space Oddity.  i love Bowie but i didn't know that.  it's pretty much the first and last song in my head right now.

i don't regret not seeing Mumbai Love.  or that majority of the moviegoers were talking about Bride for Rent.  again, i have nothing against hoping the local movie industry will get better.  i've seen On the Job. there is hope.   but if we keep seeing people writing their versions of open letters to Lourd De Veyra in defense of crappy movies, i think i'd rather stay home.  or go to Eyjafjallajökull.

yeah, i can't pronounce it too.