Thursday, January 23, 2014

angry girl journal 01.23.2014: a math wiz i am not

 photo grammarlymathphoto_zps9dcab4ec.jpg

i was never really good at numbers.  i never stop trying.  i understand money, though.  i understand that if you have zero amount of money, you have NOTHING.

i didn't understand algebra until after two years.  it would've been great if i got it when i needed it.  that way i wouldn't have to rely on other people so much to find "X".

i work my way around by translating into words what i see in numbers.  it's a slow process, but i get by.  that, or i ask someone to do it for me.

 photo numbers_zps427ef758.jpg

my new job, requires some amount of math and while i have already discussed with my new boss that this is a challenge, he believes that i am smart enough to figure it out.  such faith.

i am working on it, along with my Microsoft Excel skills.  i did say that with persistence and hard work, people will succeed.  so i hope to God i conquer this obstacle sooner rather than later.