Friday, January 17, 2014

angry girl journal 01.17.2014: random angry thoughts on the way to work

kids today (and certain old people) have a false sense of entitlement.  they think that God (or Life or the Company they work for) owes them some thing so they should get what they want without working hard for it.


then they tweet here and there about how they think that life is unfair.  they think that merely showing up for work is enough.  they think that if they just lift a finger that that's already work.

nobody respects people anymore.  nobody has good manners anymore.

from how i was raised, if you want something, you work hard for it. you want to buy something, you save up for it.  you take care of yourself.  if you don't know anything, you don't wait for people to pamper you and teach you everything.  people can only answer your questions for so long, after that, it's your job to try to figure it out.

nobody says, "please", "thank you", and "sorry" anymore.  some people find it easier to say, "can i borrow 50K?" than it is to say, "i'm sorry i was mean to you." or "i'm so sorry, i've been a douchebag, i can't pay you yet".  whatthefuck?!

kids today are a bunch of wimps.  i mean, i get it, you need to have high EQ as well as high IQ.  but i still believe that if you spare the rod, you spoil the child.  i mean, you got to stop lying to your kids.  they really have this false sense of entitlement.  sometimes, even the really shallow things hurt them and they cry about it that the really big problems cause them to want to kill themselves.

i mean, come on, di ka lang crush ng crush mo, suicide agad?!

if you're already in your late twenties, or your thirties, or God forbid, you're already in your forties and you still think this way, that life owes, you should be ashamed.  i mean, if i were you, i would really shoot myself.  your parents made this grave mistake somewhere that made you believe that the world revolves around you and you deserve all the best in life without working for it.  for the love of God, country and your fellowmen, grow up!