Wednesday, January 08, 2014

angry girl journal 01.08.2014

i'm trying to avoid you because i don't want other people to see how bad your attitude becomes whenever i'm around because you can't seem to hide your disgust for me.  i mean, you hate me for no apparent reason.  you don't have to like me.  and i may have done something for you not to want to try to get to know me better and shut me out completely.  but i believe a little common courtesy wouldn't hurt you. RIGHT?

i mean, you're the more superior, and supposed to be, the more humble leader, the one who should set a good example here.  get over yourself.  i'm here to work.  and learn.  and work.  if only you had a better poker face.

people either love me or hate me and the ones who do hate me, i eventually win them over because they kept an open mind and tried to know me better. there they find i'm not so bad after all. and they know i'm no angel either lol.

i'm just praying for patience while giving you the opportunity to try.  you can't get rid of me anyway. we will be working together.  i know, i have to earn your respect first.  i get that.  but i'm not the one who will get tired of frowning when we chance upon each other.  you are.  so i'm just going to wear you out.  i am great at proving people wrong when they underestimate me.  you just wait.  trust me.  i will wear you out.