Sunday, December 22, 2013

yes, even the coffee planner is sensitive

 photo dec22checkinalone_zps99e2f3b2.jpg

this is the entry on the Starbucks planner for today, the 22nd of December.

so if i am alone, should i be checking on me or people alone, like myself?

and the people who have the planner who know fully well that i am alone, would it make them any less thoughtful if they didn't check on me?

like i said, i have no problems being alone.  God has been watching over and taking care of me for all this time.  even if i am a sinner, He loves me.  He never stopped loving me.  it sounds weird coming from me, i know, but i am grateful to be loved and taken care of.  

so to anybody else out there who is like me, and by that, i mean alone and not weird or crazy, remember that you are not truly alone. there is a Higher Power out there watching over you.