Thursday, December 26, 2013

if i needed to know what love was, this book could help

i had this book for a while but i didn't get to start reading it until the day i was scheduled to be operated on. i didn't get to finish it then so i started over.  there were lots of really cool definitions in it.

 photo The-Lovers-Dictionary_zps5402621f.jpg

from the writer of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, this book is a delight in the sense that it is not like any of the books i've read. it tells the story of a guy who met somebody online, how they started dating and then when she (yes, i had to read it twice, at least, to know this was a heterosexual love story but it is relatable enough that it might as well be homosexual) moved in, how she had this drinking problem and when she cheated, how he knew it was over. the story is not  told in chronological order but instead arranged alphabetically like dictionary entries that describe bits and pieces of the relationship, its joys and its sorrows.

this is the "healthy" i am used to, by the way. 

 photo healthydefinition_zps877754be.jpg

i had to hear your voice.  i missed you.

it wasn't a matter of life and death and i could very well survive the next few days without having to hear from you but it was nice that i could.  i got used to having you as part of my day.  either way, i would've been fine but i am glad that you are there and that i know you are, even if i can't.  we can't.