Sunday, December 01, 2013

Person of Interest: even Big Brother is a sappy romantic

 photo jossampjohn_zps49e85d8d.jpg

"You changed my mind, Joss.

Then changed me . . . "

maybe it's the sappy romantic in me who sees John flirting with Zoe but knows he's really in love with Joss. it's not even a frigging love story, Person of Interest, but that scene got me.

of course, Taraji Henson gets killed off in the same episode so we never get to see how the Reese-Carter romance turns out.

Reese was always a mysterious character, like his employer Finch, but both are also romantic people.  Finch gave up being with Grace because he knew that if he stayed with her, it would only endanger her life.  Reese, having lost the person he loved the most, is very guarded, like Finch, about his past and his heart but he has a soft spot for Joss and would go out of his way to protect her.

let's not forget, it was the Machine who paved the way for Grace and Harold's romance and it is what led Finch to Reese when he bailed him out while being interrogated by Carter. in a way, you could say that the Machine inherited some "human" qualities and played Cupid with the two main characters' lives.

the show may be a crime drama but there is certainly some romance comedy in there. every once in a while, when you're not paying attention, Finch or Reese will throw in a joke somewhere.  and while it may take a while for either of them to "fall in love", so to speak, since there are so many people out there to save, i know the Machine will maneuver it somehow. 

Big Brother, after all, sees and hears everything.