Saturday, November 23, 2013

the universe's response to my Urban Dub request

i sent out a request to the universe if i could have a picture taken with the members of Urban Dub.  they were performing in the office for one of our functions and i put it out there that i was hoping to get a picture taken with the band.  the universe heard my shout out because apparently, somebody told somebody  and then they told someone about my request.  next thing i knew somebody approached me and asked me if i was ready to have my picture taken with the band.  one of the interns i inducted just let me in (more like pushed and hid me) back stage to have this picture taken.

 photo 20131122_212421_zps034c5b22.jpg

i love my job.  i love that i do well enough in my job to establish good relationships that allow me to have privileges such as these.

now you know how i love to ambush people, right?  so this last photo, we got when the two other members were on their way out.  and i didn't even need a special pass to get them done.

 photo 20131122_224824_zpscdaa5e22.jpg

guess if i really wanted something and i needed the universe to conspire to help me achieve it, i need to be more specific.

Lord, i don't want the boy.  I WANT THE POST.