Tuesday, November 26, 2013

angry girl journal 11.26.2013

Nathan gave me the news.  i just need Mike to confirm.

i know how hard it is for Nathan to let me go.  he and i have been working together for so long.  you could say that we've been each other's comfort zones, but like i said before: i don't want to stay working for him and then have to resent him later on because i never got to do something else.

i know. don't ask for a bigger job. make your job bigger.  i have.  i have built this for others to start on.  i have empowered my peers.  i have showed them that we are essential and effective partners of the business.  and more importantly, that we can leverage on this role to move on to something else.  this is not a dead end job.  it is just as Nathan said, this is an opportunity for greater things, better things.  and i will embrace it with my whole heart.

i am excited because i've always wanted to work with Mike.  you can say i've had this big crush on him (regardless of what people thought of him), even when he was still my client.  i was really happy i moved  because that gave me a chance to see him again, get to smoke with him (well, i won't now) and joke around with him a couple of times.  yes, i live for the banter.  but yes, i wanted to work for him, work with him for a long time, and i don't mean as his assistant.

i believe that if you believed in yourself and you worked hard enough, kept your dignity, respected people you meet along the way and not give in to greed that you will succeed.  i still believe that. it's what makes me disappointed when i see people who did the exact opposite and succeeded anyway.  it's what make me lose faith sometimes, in my Creator, in myself, in other people.  but there is no greater recipe, to me, for success, than that.  it is the only way to go.

thank you, Universe.