Tuesday, November 12, 2013

angry girl journal 11.12.2013

No I'm not the girl I used to be lately
See you met me at an interesting time
If my past is any sign of your future
You should be warned before I let you inside

you have to understand:  all of these things you say to me, all of these things you do, he's told me, he's done for me before.  forgive me for being a little apprehensive and afraid a lot. i would love to believe you, i really do, but this is too great to actually be real.


this is FUEL:

 photo 20131109_001523-1_zps6eb296c4.jpg

whenever i feel like i'm lost and i'm not doing anything right, this is what keeps me up.  this is how i know i'm doing something good, something right, and that i should have faith in myself.

i can do this.  or my name isn't . . .