Sunday, October 13, 2013

in the eyes of another objective human being (foreigner) who fell in love with this country

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i read about it a few weeks ago and i really wanted to see it but i wasn't sure it was going to be shown here locally.  it made me curious that the screenplay was in English, written by a British director who shot the movie here and had the Filipino actors act out and deliver the lines in Tagalog in their own translation.

i  was glad i went out and saw it today. i even brought my house helper to watch it with me.  and (s)he loved it too.

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the story is about Oscar Ramirez and his wife Mai, who move to Manila from their home in Banaue (as in the rice terraces Banaue, not that place where you get your car parts)  to try to see if their life can get better here, only to be victimized by the manipulative ways of the city folk.  Oscar thought that his partner/senior officer, Ong, was sincerely helping him make it in the city only to find out that Ong is just waiting for a pawn he can exploit in order to achieve his selfish motives. so true of this city, right?  it's a movie worth seeing, even if you just want to point to the screen and say, "hey, i know where that is!".   it has an amazing plot and i commend Sean Ellis for this great story.

the ending brought tears to my eyes.  i am glad that despite all the hardships he and his family are experiencing, and the tough call he had to make morally, Oscar got his dream of a better life for his family.  great stuff.