Friday, October 18, 2013

i'm sorry, but all i see is penis

i really don't know why.  he's very intelligent.  he's nice.  he's very responsible.  and respectable.  but every time i see this gentleman from work, all i see is dick. yes, i meant penis.  i'm really sorry.  i don't understand it either.

when i first saw him a few months ago, without him wearing his eyeglasses, he looked really hot.  he had a commanding presence.  it's like he didn't belong there with the rest of them. he looks so dorky with the glasses on and so very different from the guy i saw the first time.  if that guy from Enchanted Kingdom asked me to strip down, i would hurriedly do so, no questions asked.  the guy i see every day, i feel bad whenever i violate him in my head.

no matter how smart and sweet and dignified he is, i always see SEX.

i really feel bad thinking that way about him.  he really is such a nice and respectable man.  i have high regard for him. i just can't help thinking about him this way.  he looks so delectable.

that's probably the only time i think i want to be intimate with someone, like really passionate-i'll-rip-all-your-clothes-off intimate.

of course, that and when i think about Francesco Diablo Esq.


i couldn't help it.  i asked the guy from Fresno:  why are you being so nice to me?