Sunday, October 06, 2013

gave in. again!

so much for practicing what i preach . . .

i ended up buying not only clothes, and shoes, but a great amount of imported goods.

 photo DSC02002_zps5e285ae2.jpg

skirts:  Uniqlo

yes, those are yellow bed sheets with flowers on the background.  my mother was into flowers.

 photo couldntresist_zpse5b0ce3f.jpg

shoes:  Charles and Keith

guess you could say i'm done with spending for this month since i added two more pairs to my growing collection.  i am expecting to be committed to a phone line for two and a half years (which is the longest relationship i've had with anything or anyone, not to mention my prepaid number for more than five years) so i should avoid any unnecessary spending.  i am seriously hoping this would be the last for the month of October 2013.

i did receive this awesome pasalubong from my good friend Chris, though.

 photo 9013eeef-bf9c-4592-9585-86154b5bcf0e_zps251a4824.jpg

you gotta love me :)