Monday, October 28, 2013

angry girl journal 10.28.2013

i am glad i got to see you before you left.  but i keep wishing i kissed you so i wouldn't have to keep thinking about what it would've felt like.

i went home and i was singing the song i was supposed to perform for tuesday in my head and when it got to that part,

" . . . 'cause you're a dream to me, dream to me . . ."

i started crying. i don't know why.  i just couldn't stop.  so i decided to leave the house to try to see if i could catch the last full show of this movie:

 photo malavita1_zps5916a995.jpg

of course, you can't go wrong with De Niro, Lee Jones and Pfeiffer.  but the biggest revelation for me was Dianna Agron.  of course, as Quinn, we hated her in Glee, until she finally knew how to act.  she's really good, actually.  i loved how she was hot and hotheaded at the same time.  there was this scene when she beat up someone and i could really feel her rage.  it was amazing.

when i got home, i was too tired to feel sad.  besides, i was anticipating what is yet to come.  but i am hopeful.