Saturday, October 12, 2013

angry girl journal 10.10.2013

i still haven't made up my mind on this segment called "That's My Tomboy" on this local noontime television show.  i've seen some of the contestants and i have to admit that these butches are cute.  some do weird talents and some give even weirder answers during Q&A.  makes me wonder if they're really gay, you know. 

i don't know.  i haven't figured out if i like it yet.

but the contestants are cute.


while everybody who tried to go home early ended up taking longer than they should because of the traffic, i decided to stall and had these pictures taken. 

 photo dress1_zps880a8441.jpg

dress:  Uniqlo
shoes:  Charles and Keith

of course, i had to make a run for the bus just so i could get home wearing this dress, but i looked amazing running after a bus :)


i don't need you to like my posts.


you never helped me when i was over the death of my parents.  it's always been nothing but problems with you.  you took me for granted.  you took advantage of the fact that i loved you.  you never cared about me.  you just used me.

when i think about it, the money you pay me is not even enough to cover for the humiliation, all those times i defended you, lied for you, went out of my way just to save your ass.  all my hard work just so you can gamble away your salary and then borrow from me.  it's just like working for a family that's not even my own.  i feel bad for being so stupid, for hoping you can be an actual caring person, for hoping you can change for the better.  the only one you care about is yourself.  and i'm supposed to be the selfish bitch?