Sunday, September 22, 2013

the Supremo rocks!

 photo RockSupremologo_v3_zps1f47cfb8.jpg
i had the good fortune of getting tickets to the ballet which features the live bands playing :)

eight out of the ten bands from the album Rock Supremo were there to play alongside the ballet dancers.  for    while i didn't know who to pay attention to, the dancers or the band. everything was just amazing.

 photo DSC01969_zpse342b917.jpg

i loved the way the dancers moved. i loved how they were in sync with the bands.  i know from watching too many So You Think You Can Dance episodes that it was possible to merge the two worlds, ballet and rock music, but i never imagined how beautiful, how spectacular it would be until tonight.

i never knew much about the hero, Andres Bonifacio.  i still don't know much now.  what i do know is that, because of last night, i just might, uh, Google more (there is a part where they reference the search engine) about him to find out.  it made me so happy being there, despite the awkward circumstances.  all i knew in those two hours sitting at the theater was the music, the movement, the story.  the hero.

my favorite songs from the album, which also happen to be my favorite segments of the dances were Liwanag, Lakambini, Aling Pag-ibig Pa (because i saw Francis Reyes and i have the biggest crush on Japs Sergio), and Radioactive Sago Project's Hoy Emilio.  of course.

i still can't get over it. i am still fucking fascinated with the dancers.  with the bands.  with the music.  with the hero.