Saturday, September 28, 2013

it was a deal i couldn't resist

i was actually looking for something to do.  had i known that On The Job was still showing in this theater, i wouldn't have gone shopping.  i was supposed to submit my requirements for my phone line application (yes, i'm acting all "grown up" and getting committed to something for the next thirty months) but it turns out, what i had with me was incomplete.  so i ended up shopping.

i wasn't really going to buy another pair of shoes, but the deal i got on this pair was amazing. it was an awesome discount.

 photo 09282013_zpsab2b5e83.jpg

i mean, i'm only trying to practice what i preach and not spend more than i should.  and there it was.

if you got an 81.57% discount off a pair of shoes, wouldn't you give in too?