Friday, September 06, 2013

i'm not always superficial

when Nathan left and Tina took over, i felt the need to focus a little bit more on my appearance. i wore dresses and skirts and even spent money on shoes. i didn't find the value of spending a lot of money on them then.

i started with this pair from Charles and Keith and then it went downhill from there:

 photo meonheels1_zps766b2f06.jpg

i bought this for my friend Beth's civil wedding and i wore it to the church as well:

   photo shoesforwedding.jpg
Charles and Keith

i saw this when we went to Singapore a few years ago and that's how i knew i was hooked.  it made me laugh but it also made sense.

 photo superficialshoes_zps02593304.jpg

i look at it this way:  i never really got to spend the money i've been working so hard to earn until my father died.  i also figured if i could lend that much money to someone (or in my case, be that stupid), then i can get myself beautiful clothes.   besides, i work for one of the most important people in the Company.  i have to look the part.

to date, i now have these at home.  i might buy some more, but i try to stop myself.  i am working on a budget.  i imposed it upon myself to save for my future.

 photo shoes_zps720937ec.jpg

let's face it:  some people will leave you and only use you for their own benefit so why not treat yourself?  i am still grounded.  i have a good head above my shoulders.  but just because of that, it doesn't mean i can't be pretty, right?