Thursday, September 05, 2013

i wear because i can

my friend Jordan and i met to watch a movie.  it was one of those days i met with him so he doesn't whine about being last on my list of my favorite people to hang out with.  i saw this dress so i asked him to wait so that i could try it on and buy it.  he couldn't believe i was getting it because he saw how much it cost.

for the record, it's not THAT much. well, it is for some people but it's actually the maximum amount i will allow myself to spend on a dress or a pair of shoes and i don't spend more than that.

i buy pretty clothes because i work for one of the most important people in our company. not to mention, it does matter to my boss how presentable and credible i look.  i don't just represent the company, i represent him.   we are always told to dress not for the current position we have, but where we see ourselves being in the future. besides, the dress code is business casual.

i used to be able to live on not-so-expensive clothes and still manage to meet the requirement.  i still do.  i don't believe that presentable office wear has to be expensive.  for starters, aside from being presentable, it also has to be comfortable.  every once in a while, i make uncomfortable sacrifices for beauty, but because i can.  i spend money on clothes because i can.   i follow a budget.  i don't spend more than i can afford.  i don't allow myself to be buried in debt because i don't know the difference between a "need" and a "want".

it's also an incentive for me to work on my weight.  i can't look pretty in certain dresses unless i shed the weight off.  i am trying and still working on it.  but you have to admit, i hide it well.

 photo spotteddress_zps245dc986.jpg

dress:  Marks and Spencer
shoes:  Charles and Keith