Saturday, September 21, 2013

for the love of Ely Buendia

 photo elysingspeta_zpsd0efed89.jpg

my good friend Chris and i braved the crazy traffic in the metro to see Ely Buendia's concert last night for the benefit of the Philippine Educational Theater Association's Endowment Fund.

the last time i saw Ely perform was with his band Pupil, and with the Eraserheads a decade earlier. i missed the reunion concert. it was so nice to see him perform, singing Eraserheads classics and a few of his hits after he left the band.

here's his set list:

Maling Akala
Huwag Mo Na Itanong
Pare Ko
Maselang Bahaghari
Something (Beatles cover with Chris Padilla of Hilera)
With A Smile
Huwag Kang Matakot
Huling El Bimbo

Walang Nagbago

it was nice to hear the songs again, although i was telling Chris i didn't pay for community singing.  that was the thing with the E'Heads songs:  face it. you can't help but sing along.  the lyrics were relatable, the music was wonderful.  his cover of The Beatles' Something with Chris Padilla was fabulous.  he was very witty, sending Chris back out while they were setting up for the acoustic segment of his set. and you know how it is with rock stars - how they have this certain stance while they stare into nothingness as they sing. he was the epitome of cool. until now i still haven't gotten over the very spectacular arrangement of Magasin.  i was very glad he included Lightyears on his set list.  never fails to bring tears to my eyes whenever i hear it.

can i just stop for a minute and say that Chris Padilla was so hot?  can i also say that Wendell Garcia is so hot while i'm at it?

it was a fun night.  Chris and i really enjoyed it.  we had an awesome time.  and those were not bad seats.  it's one of those days i didn't mind missing work even though i know i had a lot of things to do when i get back.  it's Ely Buendia.  it's the music of my generation.  why would i want to miss that?