Saturday, September 28, 2013

it was a deal i couldn't resist

i was actually looking for something to do.  had i known that On The Job was still showing in this theater, i wouldn't have gone shopping.  i was supposed to submit my requirements for my phone line application (yes, i'm acting all "grown up" and getting committed to something for the next thirty months) but it turns out, what i had with me was incomplete.  so i ended up shopping.

i wasn't really going to buy another pair of shoes, but the deal i got on this pair was amazing. it was an awesome discount.

 photo 09282013_zpsab2b5e83.jpg

i mean, i'm only trying to practice what i preach and not spend more than i should.  and there it was.

if you got an 81.57% discount off a pair of shoes, wouldn't you give in too?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

the Supremo rocks!

 photo RockSupremologo_v3_zps1f47cfb8.jpg
i had the good fortune of getting tickets to the ballet which features the live bands playing :)

eight out of the ten bands from the album Rock Supremo were there to play alongside the ballet dancers.  for    while i didn't know who to pay attention to, the dancers or the band. everything was just amazing.

 photo DSC01969_zpse342b917.jpg

i loved the way the dancers moved. i loved how they were in sync with the bands.  i know from watching too many So You Think You Can Dance episodes that it was possible to merge the two worlds, ballet and rock music, but i never imagined how beautiful, how spectacular it would be until tonight.

i never knew much about the hero, Andres Bonifacio.  i still don't know much now.  what i do know is that, because of last night, i just might, uh, Google more (there is a part where they reference the search engine) about him to find out.  it made me so happy being there, despite the awkward circumstances.  all i knew in those two hours sitting at the theater was the music, the movement, the story.  the hero.

my favorite songs from the album, which also happen to be my favorite segments of the dances were Liwanag, Lakambini, Aling Pag-ibig Pa (because i saw Francis Reyes and i have the biggest crush on Japs Sergio), and Radioactive Sago Project's Hoy Emilio.  of course.

i still can't get over it. i am still fucking fascinated with the dancers.  with the bands.  with the music.  with the hero.

how do we spell awkward again? B - E- L - S

so i finally got my answer to the question, "should i ask M out?".  it came in the form of an extra ticket to the Rock Supremo show.

she was actually the first person i thought of asking to the show since she was the only person i knew who spent six years with Ballet Philippines.  i didn't ask her out because i had no idea what her circumstances were:  is she free on that day?  is she seeing anyone? that sort of stuff.  so i asked Chris, Beth and Brian out. Beth couldn't make it because it is getting very difficult for a pregnant woman to get around these days and Chris couldn't make it because he had to fly back to Singapore. i didn't really want to waste the ticket and i didn't really want to invite anyone who wouldn't appreciate the fusion of ballet and rock music.  so i asked M.

part of me wanted her to go but mostly i didn't want her to.  i still wished Chris could go.  but he couldn't and she could.  okay.

so we walk into the theater and who greets me when we get to our seats.  no less than  Jade and his wife, who doesn't remember meeting me, by the way, even if i've already been introduced to her twice.  well, i wasn't really that relevant to Jade for her to remember who i am. Brian asked me if i sent out a memo prior to the show.  by this time it got me worried as to who else would be there.

thankfully, the universe was kind and decided i had enough for tonight.

i loved the show immensely.  there were certain parts i couldn't help but cry, and not just because the man i loved for the better part of high school was there with his wife and the lesbian i considered living with for the rest of my life was seated right beside me.  i cried because of how poignant the contrast was of the two dancing pairs were:  the first pair, spoke of happier times, of free love; while the second pair, reflected pain, despair, a couple tried by their surroundings.  all this happening as Ebe Dancel and Kai Honasan narrate their story in music.  it was the most painful yet most beautiful thing i had ever heard.

when i saw the bands, especially Peso Movement, i stopped giving a fuck.  i saw Francis Reyes and it made me all giddy. i feel bad that i still haven't gone to the gym like he keeps telling me to.  but when he said it doesn't matter, as long as i'm happy, it did it:  it made me happy.  oh, and Japs Sergio is sooo hot.

 photo photo_zps2fdba637.jpg

i wasn't expecting anything out of this show, other than a great time, which i did have. actually, now that i think about it, i could've gone to that show with just Brian and me and it would've been great.  going out with M is okay but not something i would do if i had a choice.  she's happy now and i'm glad for her.  there's just so much history there that i don't want to unearth anymore.

it made me think of Alex when i got home, though.  i get "thank you" a lot from the people who don't love me back.

bet that wasn't in my weekend love forecast.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

for the love of Ely Buendia

 photo elysingspeta_zpsd0efed89.jpg

my good friend Chris and i braved the crazy traffic in the metro to see Ely Buendia's concert last night for the benefit of the Philippine Educational Theater Association's Endowment Fund.

the last time i saw Ely perform was with his band Pupil, and with the Eraserheads a decade earlier. i missed the reunion concert. it was so nice to see him perform, singing Eraserheads classics and a few of his hits after he left the band.

here's his set list:

Maling Akala
Huwag Mo Na Itanong
Pare Ko
Maselang Bahaghari
Something (Beatles cover with Chris Padilla of Hilera)
With A Smile
Huwag Kang Matakot
Huling El Bimbo

Walang Nagbago

it was nice to hear the songs again, although i was telling Chris i didn't pay for community singing.  that was the thing with the E'Heads songs:  face it. you can't help but sing along.  the lyrics were relatable, the music was wonderful.  his cover of The Beatles' Something with Chris Padilla was fabulous.  he was very witty, sending Chris back out while they were setting up for the acoustic segment of his set. and you know how it is with rock stars - how they have this certain stance while they stare into nothingness as they sing. he was the epitome of cool. until now i still haven't gotten over the very spectacular arrangement of Magasin.  i was very glad he included Lightyears on his set list.  never fails to bring tears to my eyes whenever i hear it.

can i just stop for a minute and say that Chris Padilla was so hot?  can i also say that Wendell Garcia is so hot while i'm at it?

it was a fun night.  Chris and i really enjoyed it.  we had an awesome time.  and those were not bad seats.  it's one of those days i didn't mind missing work even though i know i had a lot of things to do when i get back.  it's Ely Buendia.  it's the music of my generation.  why would i want to miss that?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

angry girl journal 09.18.2013

"Forgiving someone is easy.

 photo DSC01407_zpsaf186684.jpg

The difficult part is collecting payment."

yes, i just quoted myself.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

angry girl journal 09.13.2013

i just realized that it's Friday the 13th today.  nothing special really.  it's just like any other Friday.  busy.  stressful.  the weekend flies by so quickly you don't even notice it.  by the time you do it's time to go back to work again.

i meet a lot of people every day and not all of them will like me very much.  i don't blame them, i don't make it easy for them to, although i try.  but the ones who do appreciate me, the ones who see past the ugly, angry exterior:

"the Pilot is very nice"

those are the ones who make this all worth while. 

Friday, September 06, 2013

i'm not always superficial

when Nathan left and Tina took over, i felt the need to focus a little bit more on my appearance. i wore dresses and skirts and even spent money on shoes. i didn't find the value of spending a lot of money on them then.

i started with this pair from Charles and Keith and then it went downhill from there:

 photo meonheels1_zps766b2f06.jpg

i bought this for my friend Beth's civil wedding and i wore it to the church as well:

   photo shoesforwedding.jpg
Charles and Keith

i saw this when we went to Singapore a few years ago and that's how i knew i was hooked.  it made me laugh but it also made sense.

 photo superficialshoes_zps02593304.jpg

i look at it this way:  i never really got to spend the money i've been working so hard to earn until my father died.  i also figured if i could lend that much money to someone (or in my case, be that stupid), then i can get myself beautiful clothes.   besides, i work for one of the most important people in the Company.  i have to look the part.

to date, i now have these at home.  i might buy some more, but i try to stop myself.  i am working on a budget.  i imposed it upon myself to save for my future.

 photo shoes_zps720937ec.jpg

let's face it:  some people will leave you and only use you for their own benefit so why not treat yourself?  i am still grounded.  i have a good head above my shoulders.  but just because of that, it doesn't mean i can't be pretty, right?

Thursday, September 05, 2013

i wear because i can

my friend Jordan and i met to watch a movie.  it was one of those days i met with him so he doesn't whine about being last on my list of my favorite people to hang out with.  i saw this dress so i asked him to wait so that i could try it on and buy it.  he couldn't believe i was getting it because he saw how much it cost.

for the record, it's not THAT much. well, it is for some people but it's actually the maximum amount i will allow myself to spend on a dress or a pair of shoes and i don't spend more than that.

i buy pretty clothes because i work for one of the most important people in our company. not to mention, it does matter to my boss how presentable and credible i look.  i don't just represent the company, i represent him.   we are always told to dress not for the current position we have, but where we see ourselves being in the future. besides, the dress code is business casual.

i used to be able to live on not-so-expensive clothes and still manage to meet the requirement.  i still do.  i don't believe that presentable office wear has to be expensive.  for starters, aside from being presentable, it also has to be comfortable.  every once in a while, i make uncomfortable sacrifices for beauty, but because i can.  i spend money on clothes because i can.   i follow a budget.  i don't spend more than i can afford.  i don't allow myself to be buried in debt because i don't know the difference between a "need" and a "want".

it's also an incentive for me to work on my weight.  i can't look pretty in certain dresses unless i shed the weight off.  i am trying and still working on it.  but you have to admit, i hide it well.

 photo spotteddress_zps245dc986.jpg

dress:  Marks and Spencer
shoes:  Charles and Keith