Saturday, August 03, 2013

when the doctor is away . . .

i was supposed to have my follow up check with the doctor but since she had an emergency procedure, i had time to kill before watching The Wolverine.  i figured i'd self-medicate some more and follow her instructions until it was time to see her again.

i never saw the trailer. i didn't look it up. i saw the poster and its all-star cast and the fact that i thought the first one was awesome.

 photo red2_zps14ea4f3b.jpg

i didn't regret it.  it was a great combination of action and humor, plus you never saw the plot coming.

i had a chance to eat dinner first before making my date with Hugh Jackman.

 photo the_wolverine_2013_zps026e778c.jpg

i really liked it but much of my anticipation sort of waned since a lot of people already saw it and spoiled it for me.  that, and i already saw Red 2.  but i liked it very much.  i just found it a bit weird that Logan would go out with his old friend's granddaughter.  yes, the eekiness of vampires, but with Adamantium.

looking forward to the next X-Men movie now.  can't wait.

i don't feel weird watching a movie alone.  it's nice to have dates with yourself.

but i could be happier.