Wednesday, August 21, 2013

PHL and the floods

my father died in the same year that we had Ondoy. the flood waters had entered the house.  it took me six hours before i could get home.  after the floods have subsided, he was sick for a long time, going in and out of the hospital before his organs finally gave in. but i do remember him telling me that if it rained hard for the next forty days, he was pretty sure that  "He was going to end it all".  by "HE", my father meant God, yes, like the great flood, and Noah. 

imagine if all of the taxes they deduct from our pay slips actually went to building stable structures, dependable drainage systems, instead of landing inside the pockets of just a few people, we wouldn't have to keep dealing with this every time the rains fall down.

i am especially disappointed because there is actual proof that the taxes we pay only benefit a really small number of people while the rest of the country starves. 

i also hate that instead of putting all of that money for literacy, they make up all these fake projects that don't really help anyone but themselves.  it's like they refuse to educate  the people because once the masses know what's really going on, they will not remain in power. 

i do not think that my problems are much more important than what the people are experiencing now.  i really feel embarrassed that i'm worrying that people don't have a birthday party for me when there are people who don't know if they can go back to their houses and their lives.

once again, i know we will have to give back to those who need the help and i don't mind helping out.  but the vicious cycle has to stop.  it has to stop.