Monday, August 26, 2013

it's like Men in Black, but with monsters

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 i kinda expected to see Ryan Reynolds' abs or have Kevin Bacon dance, but i saw neither.

Nick Walker is a detective who is betrayed by his partner, Bobby Hayes, over a chest full of gold that they stole during a drug bust.  while he initially wanted to keep his share to create a better life for him and his wife, Julia, he tells Bobby that he regrets his decision and wanted to return the gold.  Bobby kills him and frames somebody else for the murder.  instead of ascending towards the light, Nick gets pulled into the office of Mildred Proctor, director of the Boston division of the Rest In Peace Department (R.I.P.D.), an agency that recruits deceased police officers to patrol the afterlife and capture "Deados", spirits that failed to cross over and return to Earth as monstrous ghosts. he gets partnered with an ex-U.S. Marshall from the 1800s, Roy Pulsipher, played by Jeff Bridges.

anyway, the idea was, Kevin is also a Deado and he's been trying to reassemble the Staff of Jericho, a mystic device that could reverse the tunnel that transports the dead into the afterlife, returning them to Earth. Roy and Nick destroy the darn thing, they earn redemption and Nick gets a ten-year old girl scout as a new avatar.

i didn't have anywhere to go and i didn't want to stay at home all day so i went out to watch this movie.  i didn't want to see the Conjuring.  or the Conbefore.  or the Conafter.  corny.  this was okay.  it entertained me for a while. 

i saw an old friend at the mall.  he is now a lawyer but is still single and younger than me.  i used to have this crush on him.

now that i think about it, why am i not surrounded by nice, attractive, funny and responsible men like him?  why do i get stuck and hung up with the assholes that i deal with?  WHY?!?!?!?!

i'm hoping he and i can reconnect and while i don't want to get ahead of myself, i just want to be able to get exposed to good men.  i really feel that hanging out with him will give me that opportunity.  i have faith.