Saturday, August 31, 2013

great job

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*photo courtesy of Mon Castro's Facebook page

ever since Ang Nawawala, i haven't seen a local film that made me want to see it.  i have to be honest:  when my friend Brian was talking about it and  he started blurting out the names of Piolo Pascual and Gerald Anderson as the stars of the film, i intentionally blocked him off my hearing.  and then he mentioned Joel Torre and contract killers, i did my research.  it also helped that i looked it up and found out that the musical direction was done by my friend Erwin Romulo.  

the story is about two inmates, Tatang and Daniel, who are hired as contract killers taken back in so that investigators cannot find them. a diligent cop (played by Joey Marquez - he did shine in this movie, a revelation) partnered with an up and coming NBI investigator (Piolo) trying to get out of his father's shadow to solve the mystery behind the killings and the powers behind them.  add a bunch of corrupt wealthy government officials and politicians into the mix and you have one great movie.  although right now, i still couldn't see the relevance of the love scene between Piolo Pascual and Shaina Magdayao.  that didn't have any connection whatsoever to the story. maybe i just didn't get it.  and i could imagine how hard it must've been for Piolo.

it took my breath away.  i didn't even have coffee prior to watching the movie and my heart was pounding at every scene. the minute the opening credits and the song played, i knew it was going to be a blast watching it.  great ensemble cast.  some of their scenes were brief but all were very strong and interesting characters.  i paid only this much money to see it and when i got out the theater, i wanted to go back to the counter and pay more. 

this movie pushes the boundaries.  very brave.  bold.  they did a great job.  this is the type of movie that makes me believe in the local film industry again.  great job, Erik Matti, Erwin Romulo.