Wednesday, August 28, 2013

birthday ko nga daw eh

 photo belsinred_zps487a5165.jpg

they always say that when you're wearing red that it's your birthday. i normally wear black but i figured i'd have to wear this dress some time.

quick story about the dress:  Cherl likes to go with me when i'm on a retail therapy spree so when i know there's a sale, i try not to ask her out.  she and i and one other lady were the last people in the store. she normally waits while i try on something and tells her what she thinks about the dress. she calls me from outside and tells me she wants to see how the dress looks.  the other lady and i get out at the same time wearing the same dress.  the exact same dress. i just hope that the lady does not work in the same Company as me.  i think she got the same dress in the other colors too. 

it was an okay shift, going back to work after a long break, after my birthday.  plus i look hot in this dress. 

dress:  Freeway
shoes:  the little things she needs