Friday, July 05, 2013

why i don't watch local tv anymore 2

when i was younger, we used to watch canned American tv shows in our local channels.  we didn't have cable then so aside from cartoons, we had a mixture of local soap operas, sitcoms and that of the canned shows.  that's how i learned to speak in english, got the accent and picked up some idioms.  i was left alone pretty much as a kid to watch tv unsupervised.  fortunately, i was exposed to the good stuff, i think.

now that we have cable (or should i say, now that my neighbor does),  i get to watch other shows since the local channels just have mostly commercials and people shouting instead of singing or just basically encouraging mediocrity.  making fun of other people to get laughs gets pretty old pretty fast. and while i appreciate that more and more local stuff is on tv, i just wish they wouldn't dub the english ones to Filipino.  it takes away from the story, especially when certain punchlines don't normally translate well in our vernacular.

over the years we've seen Mexicans speaking in Filipino and the Taiwanese speak in Filipino.  hell, we even paid big money and invited them to come over and perform their native tongue despite the fact that we know shit about it.  you don't see any of our local stars get invited to other countries (Jessica Sanchez and Charice Pempengco, not included) to perform, right? when you go to India, Taiwan or Korea, do you see John Lloyd Cruz's shows dubbed in that country's dialect?  do you even see them shown there at all?  and please take note that i am not referring to the Filipino channel.

now we have the Korean invasion and again, too many of our countrymen are conned to following these shows because of their cuteness and the kilig factor they provide.  i'm not sure i understand.

saw this show last night on the bus on the way home. while i didn't really understand what was happening (the show was dubbed in Filipino but i couldn't hear anything), this guy caught my eye:

 photo kimbumpadam31_zpsd7c549b0.jpg

i don't watch local tv, but i appreciate beauty.