Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NCIS: what will happen to Ziva?

 photo cote-de-pablo_zps05da628b.jpg

i've been a big fan of NCIS ever since i discovered it from my neighbor's cable.  i loved the storyline, i love Mark Harmon and i'm a big fan of Abby and Ziva.  i love the partnership between Tony and Ziva, but more than anything, i love that Cote de Pablo made Ziva David such a strong yet vulnerable woman that any person would admire and try to emulate.  she has proven can be and are naturally intelligent, strong, confident, sexy.  her character has grown ever since it first appeared in Season 3.  i should know.  i've been following it for a while.

early today i found out that Cote de Pablo was  leaving the show after eight years.  her character will be given a proper exit but it is still something fans like me are not happy about.  up to this point, we never knew if Ziva and Tony could be more than just working partners and good friends. i guess we'll never know.

Ziva, i will miss you, but Cote, i hope to see more of you soon!