Saturday, July 06, 2013

one of them guys i want to be there to protect me

it's too bad the show got cancelled after five seasons. aside from those really nice and honest quotes from Mary, Marshall was a combination of genius and sexy and i wanted so much for him to protect me.

 photo MarshallMann_zps04a3db8a.jpg

while Mary was the angry type, he was laid back.  he was into books and all those intellectual conversations.  but when it came to protecting a witness or his partner, Marshall worked as hard as everybody else.  he was totally hot.  my ideal boyfriend lol.


Help, every now and then, is something more than a four letter word. Sometimes it's just a baby crying for her sister from the confines of a crib. And sometimes, if you're lucky, help comes without asking, because somewhere nearby is someone who'd rather keep you from falling than help you up after you do.

Mary Shannon, In Plain Sight