Sunday, July 14, 2013

good night, Finn

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*photo courtesy of Glee Facebook page

Cory Monteith,  the guy who plays Finn Hudson on Glee, was found dead in Canada today.  He was 31.

while i'm not an addict, for a time, i bore witness and enabled one.

some times, we think we are helping people we love when we help them get out of the hole they dug for themselves because of their addiction.  it's hard to admit that some times, in order to help them, to show them that we care, we have to let them go and allow them to fix their lives by themselves.  we do more harm than good when "we try to help" because unless they get in too deep, unless they hit rock bottom, they won't know to fix themselves, they won't try because they know someone's always there to pick them up when they fall, like a safety net.

i liked Corey.  Finn was one of my favorite characters.  he made me believe my Finn was out there waiting to sing a duet with me, seeing past the weird exterior and just following his heart.  i loved that Corey, the person, tried to turn his life around, and that real-life girlfriend Lea Michele, was supporting him while he tries to recover.  it's just sad that he was taken away from us too soon.  he could've shared his journey and inspired more people.

good night, Finn.

In our lives every one of us draws a circle; inside it are your people: the people you fight for, the ones you protect no matter what. As you get older your circle gets smaller and smaller: people grow up, or they don’t, they fall by the wayside, or they just drift off one day at a time. But those who stay through thick and thin and everything in between, they’re the ones you want in the foxhole when the walls come tumbling down

- Mary Shannon, In Plain Sight