Wednesday, July 10, 2013

angry girl journal 07.10.2013

i am grateful for the education that my parents provided me.  it made me miserable growing up:  curfews, high expectations, no friends (or boyfriends), but i am thankful now.  i would like to think they raised me well.  there were things my father taught me that i didn't believe in, but the work ethic i carry now (which i'd like to think is a good one), i got from him. i learned the value of patience, hard work, respect and integrity from my parents.  i guess i'm very fortunate that way.

it makes me sad to know that there are people who are not so fortunate as i.  i like to complain about these things some times without thinking that there are people who didn't get to finish their studies.  i was lucky i had food on the table, a roof over my head and while it wasn't the course that i wanted, i got an education.  a really good one, at that. 

my mother started working when she was sixteen years old.  she put herself through college, finished it and worked to help get her siblings an education. i admired her for that.  it made me grateful for the things i had with them then, and that's what i kept in mind whenever i couldn't (or didn't want to) study.  it got more difficult as i grew older and my father didn't make it easier for me, but she was my inspiration. 

i see and meet a lot of people everyday and before today, i didn't know that they didn't finish college.  not that it mattered to me if they did.  there are people who got to study in the best colleges, had the best things  in life and yet, i don't respect them mainly because they are uneducated - or at least they act like they are.  then there are those who treat their colleagues with respect, do their jobs diligently, efficiently, effectively and you wouldn't be able to tell.  these people are driven because of the hardships they've experienced in life, whether it be a loss in the family or lack of finances or accidents (the happy ones, like children), they didn't get to finish college.  but you love them anyway because they treat people with respect.  these people are the ones i love working with. 

i appreciate that with even the simplest ways, i get to help people build their lives and make their dreams come true.  i appreciate what my parents did for me.  it makes me miss them but it also inspires me to be better so that i can finally realize what they wanted for me.  i may never become a lawyer but i want to be the best that i can be, so they can be proud. 

wherever they are, i hope they are somehow.