Thursday, June 13, 2013

while normally, it is an "S", it does stand for "hope"

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yes, i watched another "Man" movie without you.

no disrespect to the late Christopher Reeve, to Dean Cain, Brandon Routh, or anyone else who has played Superman on the big and small screens, but Henry Cavill, is by far, the hottest Man of Steel.

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a few years ago, they made a movie about Superman coming back after five years of searching for his lost planet Krypton.  i liked that movie. i love this one.

actually, Superman is the only comic book character i grew up with.  i only knew about Batman and Robin through the tv series (yes, the one with the "KABOOM"  and "POW" every time somebody punches someone) and i think i only got to see Spiderman the cartoon series.  i never knew the Uncanny X-Men or the Fantastic Four or the Avengers.  the only ones we had were that of Superman and honestly, i didn't really read them much because i hated that i never knew when they ended.  the ones we have at home (they're lying there somewhere, if they weren't washed away by Ondoy) are not in order.  we got the issue where he died on loan, the one where Doomsday killed him and then the issues where the four super-beings  surfaced.

anyway,  minus the Jesus reference (Kal-El went in hiding for thirty years, using his powers to help people but remaining unseen before he decided to "come out" and make known his intentions of saving the earth, much like Jesus was a carpenter before His cousin John became a baptist and paved the way for Him to preach), this movie showed a man of extraordinary powers living in plain sight amongst us, covering his tracks, helping people in secret and then moving on before we could notice.  this was a relatable man of steel, he was human with extraordinary abilities, which he didn't let get into his head.  while by nature he was powerful, by nurture, he was humble.  he could've ignored the problems of the world and kept to being nobody but he chose to rise above and save this earth from the only inhabitants of his planet.  he could've let General Zod and the rest of the Kryptonians destroy this earth but he didn't.

i really liked what they did to his costume (the underwear doesn't go over the tight pants now) and the effects.  they were very breathtaking.  i also do wonder if Henry Cavill will be "cursed", as what happens to the careers of those who have played the Man of Steel before him, but here's hoping to see more of him after this.  after all, he IS talented.  and hot.  talented and hot a Superman does make.