Tuesday, June 11, 2013

unfinished business

this was inspired by someone and not for someone. i wrote this in 2005 and i still haven't been able to finish it because, while i love to talk, with this, i am suddenly at a loss for words:

there's something about the way you touch me
the way you hold me close and pull my hair
i get elated by the feel of your skin next to mine

i feel free, perverse yet restrained
i have succumbed to the power of your embrace
i am at the mercy of your kisses
i have no choice but to yield

i can still taste you
i can still feel you
inside me
you consume me (i have no choice but to yield)

the thought of you
the sight of you
your scent
your taste
your touch makes my blood burn
you make me yearn

eight years later, i still don't know how it ends or if i should just leave it that way