Saturday, June 29, 2013

like being there for the first time

today i spent a day with my new team before i start working with them officially on Monday.  yes, i will become a daywalker!!!  it felt good to be spending time away from the office with them as a start.  it allowed me to bond with them in an environment that wasn't hostile (for lack of a better term - not that working is hostile lol) but fun.  i had fun.  it felt great to be participating in a team building activity and not the one organizing it for a change.

 photo ek062913_zpsf53b467d.jpg

the last time i was here was when my parents were still alive.  i didn't get to enjoy it much since my father decided to be an ass that day, plus my mother was sick with cancer then already so our time there was pretty limited.  today, despite the rains, i enjoyed the rides immensely.  and i wasn't afraid.  it's like my first time to be there, only it's not.

i look forward to working with these people.  it will be a new experience.  this will be fun!