Sunday, June 09, 2013

angry girl journal 06.09.2013: we are not high school anymore

i have a schoolmate from high school who has been messaging me from California for a while. he started flattering, err, messaging me early this year and while it got me curious, it didn't spark my interest.

he irritates me in a way, because i don't really know if he's courting me or if he's just being nice.  i don't like to assume, but he reminds me of this agent from my old company. i mean, i know i'm not a supermodel or anything so i don't have a right to be choosy but i feel like if this were going somewhere, i would do so much to jeopardize it because we don't have the same wavelength. we're speaking in Filipino and i still can't understand him sometimes when we talk.  isn't that weird?  it's bad enough that distance is a factor, but the language?  seriously?

and come on, we're not teenagers anymore.  i am assuming that at our age, you've gotten better at hitting on women, or at least being honest about you feel.  i can try to see this through to make it work, but you really have to say something.  otherwise, i will move on and not bother.  the clock is a-ticking, after all.

you're sweet, really.  but until i know what this is about, what you really want from me, i'm just going to treat you like everybody else.  besides, aren't there really nice women in Fresno?